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The First Church Of House

Like Mormons Only Better

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Welcome to the First Church Of House- the FIRST LiveJournal community dedicated solely to the one and only, Dr. Gregory House, star of FOX's hit televison series, HOUSE! If you find yourself forcing others to watch HOUSE, swooning over House, wishing to spread the joy that is House, or make sweet, sweet love to House- this is the place for you! Everything is game here so long as it have to do with Dr. Gregory House- i.e. if you love other characters this probably isn't the place for you because we, at the First Church Of House, are completely dedicated to Housey goodness.
There are various items in our memoriable entries so check those out to get ideas of posting stuffs including how to become a member of the Holy Order of House and info on Moments of Snark. Feel free to post anything House related here- fan fiction and graphics will be allowed so long as they doesn't break any of the commandments
OH!!! And most importantly- feel free to promote this community to any and all who will listen (and even to those who don't listen). The Lord House has no problem with community pimping.

The 12 Commandments Of The First Church Of House
12. As long as things don't go too nuts when it comes to this, feel free to promote other House or Hugh Laurie related communities in this community. Seeing as we pimp this community any chance we get it's only fair to offer the same option here.
11. There shall be one and ONLY one discussion thread of the most recent episode of House. The way it will work is that whoever gets to the board first on Tuesday night has the right to post up a show thread. Then, we all reply to that thread and that thread ONLY if we wish to discuss the show for that week (remember that show threads are considered spoilers so if you don't want to know what happens in that night's episode, don't read and the beginning post of the thread should be under an lj-cut). If you flub up a bit at first, that's okay and you will be KINDLY (let me be clear- KINDLY) reminded and asked to delete your thread and move your comments to the first thread. If you don't catch the hint after that you will to be thrown to the mercy of the rest of the community's snarkiness- i.e. open season on mocking (having other community members point things out, get frustrated with you, etc.). I know tht sounds mean but I have seen in most communities that this sort of treatment is effective and this is going to be the only time we are allowed to go snarky on our own members- if one acts stupid- because that is the way of The House. If these two things don't work, then your excummunication will be seriously considered by the other members (I guess this could go for any acts of stupidity, not just posting multiple episode threads) and you may find yourself on the wrong end of my size 11's.
10. No fighting- people who fight will be excommunicated
9. Honor the wishs of thy fellow House worshipers
8. All things House shall be respected here
7. Thou shalt not bring shipping (relationships) into the holy place of our great Dr. House- the House does not approve of those who squee over things other than himself
6. All pictures shall be put under lj-cuts
5. All spoilers shall be put under lj-cuts
4. Lord House doesn't mind other Hugh Laurie items being brought up but try to stay some what House connected
3. Thou shalt not take the Lord House's name in vain
2. Thou shalt keep the Tuesday holy
1. Moderator reserves right to excommunicate worshipers who violate House's Commandments

Any other questions? Just ask and one of our Church followers will happily help you on your spiritual journey.
Your lovely moderators are, me, Sister Erin of the Holy Order Of House AKA sisterelwood and Sister Lizzie of the Holy Order of House AKA butterbuns. It is our job to keep this community friendly and well-run. Anyone who threatens the organization of this community will have their hands smacked with a ruler. We want things to always be fairly upbeat and kind around here so we will not stand for general, out-and-out, meaniness. You will get two warnings if your behavior offends myself or other members and if you still insist on being annoying one of us will kick you out. Are we clear on that? I want to keep drama to a limit and this is the best way I can think to do that. Just don't be stupid and we should all get along fine. ^_^

We are currently accepting new members to the Holy Order of House. If you are interested in becoming a Brother or Sister in House, leave a comment with the name you wish to take as your Housey goodness name (example- Sister Erin). Once you have requested entry, I will post your name up in our user info.
Also, the First Church of House is looking for affliates. If you have an LJ community and would like to affliate with this community, please, comment to one of the posts or E-Mail me directly. Thanks!

Members of the Holy Order of House
*Sister Erin (sisterelwood)- founder of the Order, co-moderator of the First Church of House (i.e. I wield the Ruler of Doom), and runs 'Snark of the Week' contest
*Sister Phobic (oneirophobic)- the Disciplinarian (for those young sinners who could benefit from 'the cane')
*Sister Honoria (st_jb)- first saint of the Holy Order of House
*Mother Confessor of the Holy Order (classicfilmbuff)- confess all you sins against House to her
*Sister Grace (house_lurker05)- spiritual leader of the First Church of House and former runner of the weekly caption contest
*Sister ilze (ilzelovesrent)- Mistress of Wit
*Sister Ouiser (runfromtears)- Mistress of Snark
*Sister Iconoclast (kimbari)- Recorder of the SPIR (Sacred Politically Incorrect Rhetoric), to wit: "The White House ain't white because of the paint job."
*Sister January (jannylynn)- Devine House Interventions
*Brother Swatch (vccvgg)-
*Sister Chuu (essencenchanted)- Saint of Graphics
*Sister Rain (pureaddiction)-
*Sister Lizzie (butterbuns)- Mistress of the Cane, co-moderator of the First Church of House
*Sister Meris (inthekeyofe)-
*Sister Raven (missravenx)- currently runs the weekly caption contest
*Sister Dani (afdani1984)- sister of icony House goodness
*Sister Debbie (deb_almighty)- Evangelist of House's Snark and Wit
*Sister Catherine (tigress246) -
*Sister Eve (another_lobster) -
*Sister Sara (saradas_malfoy) -
*Sister Jess (bankingonamyth) -
*Sister Emma (the_great_gark) -
*Sister Brittany Dawn (propernice) -