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House Undercover: House Secret Agent RPG

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May. 5th, 2008 | 10:51 pm
posted by: fuck_of_nature in 1stchurchhouse

House Undercover
A Secret Agent House RPG

Needing characters Foreman, Jack Wilson, Taub, Chase and Michael Tritter (who is a bad ass KGB agent) among many others.

House Undercover||House Undercover OOC||Wiki||Rules||Application||

It's the 1950s, but not the 1950s as you know them. Here the 1950s are home to televisions, computers, Alias, cellphones and internet porn. It's also the home to House Undercover, an AU House spy RPG. In 1955, in France, a secret task force has been set up in order to protect the interests of the United States Government against the growing Russian threat to the American way of life. The task force is a combination of the NSA and the CIA, working together under one banner to find threats and neutralize them.

The Task Force is currently under the leadership of Special Agent Lisa Cuddy of the CIA, and is split into two teams working below her. The first team is an NSA team under the command of Special Agent Gregory House consisting of Eric Foreman, Alison Cameron and Robert Chase. The second team is lead by Special Agent James Wilson and consists of 13, Lawrence Kutner and Christopher Taub. Currently, the task force is investigating a new player on the field that has been dominated by the big boys, and the worst thing about the player is that Призрак (The Ghost) plays both sides, creating a third party.

The web is more tangled then that, and it becomes more tangled every day. The knowledge of Призрак's true identity is only known to a handful of people whom can be trusted with it. Stacy Warner, former double agent and wife of a diplomat has faked her death and has set up the syndicate of her own. Under the banner of Призрак, her associates Petra Gilmar, Cate Milton and Sebastian Charles and the ever faithful Dave are mining the middle ground that the world of shadows creates, often going between the CIA and the KGB.

On the side of the KGB, things are under the leadership of Michael Tritter, a former CIA agent who has deflected to the Russian side, and his associates Eve Celan, the triple agent Sebastian Charles, and the ever slimy Sergey.

But the relationships between the characters are not so easily defined. Greg House and Stacy Warner are former lovers who once dreamed of getting married, and then were torn about once by their own folly and once by the job that they both did. Greg House's friendship with James Wilson has been tested by time but stand being tested by lovers? Lawrence Kutner is the son of a diplomat and was trained by Stacy Warner after leaving the academy. Cate Milton dated James Wilson's brother before he was burned by the CIA and is now working for Призрак to bring him back and has turned a double agent to do it. 13 is a young agent who was recruited from a carrier position and is sleeping with both of her bosses. Michael Tritter was an agent who worked with Greg House before he went to the KGB. Could the two be connected? Tritter also was Stacy Warner's KGB handler when she first became a double agent. Eve Celan was another agent under him who became Stacy's lover but is now Tritter's. Petra Gilmar was once an Air Force fighter pilot who went to work for Призрак in order to prove women can do anything and for large amounts of money. Sebastian Charles is considering becoming a triple agent. Lisa Cuddy may or may not be in love with Greg House, and was the roommate of Stacy Warner when the two were in training together.

The web becomes smaller, and the net pulls tighter with every moment. Which side will you be on? Is there even such thing as sides anymore?

Notes: We are looking for a Chase, a Taub as well as the plentiful amounts of other characters in House, MD. Brenda Previn, the evil nurse for example, or Melinda. Take any character and stick them in the dark world of spies, either on the 'good side' of the CIA and NSA or the 'bad side'. We also really really want Wilson's brother Jack, for fun plotting purposes. If you want more information on this, feel free to contact me at frick0of0nature on AIM or PM here on livejournal. We are super friendly and super close. You will not have to worry about being left out at all!

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