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symptomology: A House MD RPG

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Jul. 8th, 2007 | 06:42 pm
posted by: symptomod in 1stchurchhouse

Are you interested in joining or following a House MD RPG?

symptomology might be what you are looking for.

"Yes, feel free to exclude any symptom if it makes your job easier..."

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We all know that in the world of House MD, House and his team works against the clock to solve puzzling medical mysteries at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. But what lays beyond the medical genius that is House and his Diagnostics team?

We are currently accepting applications for ERIC FOREMAN and ORIGINAL CHARACTERS.
Original characters can work in both clinical and non-clinical areas. All we ask is that they are a staff member at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and it's strongly recommended they have a position that connects them to other characters on some level.

If you are interested in watching/reading our RPG, please visit our COMMUNITY PROFILE.
If you are interested in applying to be a player, please visit our official site Symptomology.net


Current plots include Wilson as House's patient, a Wilson/Chase ship, and House/Cuddy elements.
Canon background up to Episode 19 of Season 3 "Act Your Age"
Every effort is made, via research and other sources, to be as medically accurate as possible

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